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Ellport is governed by a Mayor and a five member Council whose duties include the enacting of ordinances and resolutions consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth which are beneficial to the Borough.

The Mayor of Ellport is Joe Cisco. The Mayor is an elected official who represents the borough at certain official and ceremonial function, and who supervises the police department under the Borough Code. Mayor Cisco is also the Borough's Emergency Management Coordinator.

Ellport Borough Governing Body


Joe Cisco - Mayor

Council Members 

William Boy - President

Tammy Mazzant- Vice President

Matt Gebhardt

Jeff Borroni

Jacqui Bowman

Tom Minett - Solicitor

Wayne Parsons - Ordinance Enforcement

Justin Neupauer - Ordinance Enforcement

Maintenance and Streets Committee 

Matt Gebhardt

Parks and Recreation Committee 

Tammy Mazzant

Jacqui Bowman



Ellport Borough Council has contracted with Ellwood City Borough for the providing of police protection by Ellwood City Police. Fire protection is provided by the Wurtemburg-Perry Volunteer Fire Department. For Fire or Police Emergency Assistance call 911. For Non-Emergency, Ellwood City Police call 724-758-7564.

Agenda Meetings are held at 313 Burns Avenue the second Monday of every month at 7:00pm.

Council Meetings are held at 313 Burns Avenue the third Monday of every month at 7:00pm.

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